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What the Endotherapy is ( Or Trunk Injection )

The Trunk Injection, is an alternative method of treatment of urban woodland plant, compared to traditional air treatments, as stressed, firstly, the absence of ATOMIZ OR SPRAYING of chemicals that pollute the environment, soil and water and be completely harmless for the health of citizens, birds and other animals can be utilized at any time of day.

It has the advantage also of being able to focus on treatment, thus avoiding indiscriminate spraying. This system involves the injection into the trunk of a nutrient or plant that is distributed throughout the plant's vascular system.

The Trunk Injection history goes back to the Renaissance, was Leonardo da Vinci made the first evidence that arsenic in the trees. The system was developed in the U.S. and Italy, to this day. In these countries has been that the rise of Endotherapy, which has managed to displace the air treatment, including their use becoming required in some cities and states. Currently there are three systems Endotherapy: gravimetric (by absorption of the tree), at constant pressure or pressure micro to macro and variable pressure infusion.


Prior to implementation, there will be a comprehensive assessment of the tree to determine its path physiologic state. The application of the product is done through injectors or devices (such Depending on the type of system or method to apply), ranging in holes made in the trunk at some depth. These holes are made with a special bit to avoid leaving scraps of wood in the trunk can generate possible future infections per tree. The minimum number of holes depends on the perimeter and tree species.

It may discriminate, always positive, the amount of holes (depending on the geometry of the trunk) provided better standardize the application. These injectors are fitted with a safety valve and to prevent the spread of the product in the environment and the contact thereof with the operator and users. The uses of endotherapy extend to any type of tree with times of application ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Both pests can be treated as fungal diseases with prolonged efficacy of one year. Treatment is specific, since only act against phytophagous insects thus respecting the phytoseiid. Having a high persistence of the product (over 1 year) avoids the problems of resistance.

The Endotherapy is a treatment that works from the sap flow capacity that is within the vascular tissues (mainly xylem). The sap flow is determined in terms of two parameters: The photosynthesis. By the perspiration and therefore, when we have these two variables in place, the treatment will work the best. Broadly, the hardwoods were addressed in spring while conifers in autumn having variations depending on the species and the pest to be treated. But the advantage of these herbal therapies or treatments can be applied is that during the course of the year and at any time, only changing their effects on the rate of translocation due to a season in which this is applied. It should be noted that not all trees have the same degree of permeability of the product and species will have more porous than others. To solve this problem, the machine has a built in regulator pressure. To avoid excess pressure or if the tree is very concerned and weak, to help you in the translocation mechanism thus ensuring perfect product penetration.

The machine complies with the constant pressure thresholds as determined by the applicator and regulated by the pressure regulator on the machine that is built, it only works to the preset pressure to avoid mechanical damage to produce the plant's vascular system .


The Trunk Injection system offers a much more effective alternative for the treatment of trees, since the substances are directly to the vascular system of the tree.

The system provides an alternative for the treatment of trees as substances go directly to the tree resulting in more efficient and not polluting the environment.

Speed of action: The time it takes the tree to absorb any of these shots, is between 30 seconds and 15 minutes depending on the state of the tree and variety of it.

- Persistence: With a single application is sufficient in most cases to correct the deficiency or solve the problem that the tree from its pathology, staying in it for almost two years.

- Cleaning: Using this system, we avoid environmental pollution, especially in the case of pest management, which usually uses the method of spraying.

- Efficiency: By injecting the active ingredient directly into the sap of the tree, we ensure an even distribution of the product and the right amount to achieve a positive and immediate reaction.

May be employed in parks and gardens, including on agriculture and forestry.
Systemic injections in urban trees.


The need for new and effective methods of applying pesticides to urban trees, to the inconvenience of aerial spraying or soil has led to the development of application systems products directly to the flow of tree sap. All of them have been called systemic injections, which are applied on the trunk within the xylem tissue and thus are translocated to the affected parts of the tree.
We distinguish four main systems of systemic injections to the trees, macro shots, implants, injections and micro injection under controlled pressure.

There are advantages of ecological, technological and economic, which ensure success with these procedures, especially when it comes to cure trees of some importance.
There are also some disadvantages, mainly for damages for injuries or plant toxicity, if not done properly.
The development of this technology is recent, mainly from the sixties to present day. Have emerged many products to control a variety of problems in trees from insect pests, fungal diseases, viruses or bacteria, nutritional deficiencies and growth. In our environment is still emerging, but the conditions are ripe for achieving accelerated steps in this direction. In any case, the study of the responses of our plant species attacked by different types of pests to the application of these treatments and develop new procedures may be moving in a positive direction.


DANIEL RIVAS TORRES ( ISA, arborist, and president of the ( AMA)


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