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Los días del 3 al 7 de Agosto 2013, fuimos invitados por la ISA, Asociacion Internacional de Arboricultura,  a TECNOVERD como Distribuidor Oficial para España y Portugal del sistema ARBOPROF® y ARBOCAP® asistio en representacion de España, como miembro de la ISA de los Estados unidos, a la Expo Internacional  de Arboricultura  certificaciones ISA y afines en Toronto Ontario, ( Canada ).

Fue espectacular!!!.


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The natural form in V
Nature has been the model for the development of Royal Grass. Not only the color scheme but also the shape and structure of natural grass are reflected in the design of fiber weed. A solid core, which forms the "backbone" of the fibers, allows these are perfectly straight. Even in the case of intensive use, the grass is still able to recover. All Royal Grass products are fitted with this "backbone" single, the world leader in the field of artificial grass fibers, Koninklijke TenCate produces exclusively for the company.

Artificial grass at home

http://www.royalgrass-espanol.es/uploads/RTEmagicC_example_pic_2_06.jpg.jpg   The Royal Grass artificial turf looks very natural and just requires maintenance.

Artificial turf for business and institution




With the natural look of Royal Grass, will make a nice impression compared to the gray concrete or other hard materials used in these situations.

Artificial turf for developers




The Royal Grass artificial turf material is a durable and attractive with a natural look.
It offers many advantages for use in large-scale architectural projects.


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