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Hereby we inform you that we will be another year as a business partner and exhibitor at the 4th Congress Grounds and Company de Catalunya on February 11 featuring the latest updates from ARBOPROF ® AND ARBOCAP ®, and was first presented the new Capsule of ARBOCAP ® most versatile and easy to use, for endotherapy treatments.

Red palm weevil DAYS AND COURSE: NEW, theory and practice of the method Endotherapy ARBOPROF ® AND ® ARBOCAP the next, March 17 at the premises of Bruc Jardi. For more information contact us through our website or by phone.

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Maintaining outdoor spaces


Integral maintenance in private gardens, community or business and public statements. Where our skilled and professional team is aware of any application that requires the garden as plant protection products providing nutrients to combat any pest or disease, cut fences, grass, etc.. ... So you just worry about enjoying it.

Indicated for cleanings and annual pruning, trimming hedges and fencing, pest and disease treatments, fertilization, lawn work, scarified and aerated the lawn, received, and hydro seeds replanting.

TECNOVERD, keep your garden in optimal conditions in any season, thanks to the team of professionals with whom we have to do so.



View our catalogue here:
ARBOPROF catalogue
ARBOCAP Catalogue

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