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Los días del 3 al 7 de Agosto 2013, fuimos invitados por la ISA, Asociacion Internacional de Arboricultura,  a TECNOVERD como Distribuidor Oficial para España y Portugal del sistema ARBOPROF® y ARBOCAP® asistio en representacion de España, como miembro de la ISA de los Estados unidos, a la Expo Internacional  de Arboricultura  certificaciones ISA y afines en Toronto Ontario, ( Canada ).

Fue espectacular!!!.


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We plan and design a irrigation system to meet the needs of the environment, taking into account the types of plants and shrubs used in the design of your garden.

Calculating the time of irrigation and consume gallons of water each time, adapting to the recent drought conditions and climate change is affecting us now, using the latest technology in irrigation water consumption with low diffusers and nozzles that reduce the consumption up to 40% less water than a conventional nozzle.

As always providing our customers with the latest trends in all aspects in the creation and maintenance of your garden.



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