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   SEPTIEMBRE:                               OCTUBRE:

Picudo Rojo.                           Picudo Rojo.

Procesionaria del Pino.         Procesionaria del Pino.                       

Seca del cipres.                      Carencias nutricionales.            

Afidos Pulgones.                     Roots Microrrizas.

boton endoterapia boton picudo rojo boton procesionaria del pino boton trunk injection inyeccion en los arboles boton control de plagas


... ... also grass in your yard

Royal Grass deserves a professional installation

When choosing Royal Grass has opted for a complete package. Not only the top layer, but also all the necessary materials have been specially developed for Royal Grass. To join the grass, use the tape Royal Grass unions and special bicomponent glue. This allows a very strong union and ensures that joints remain together throughout life. Not only the lawn, but also the adhesive layer exposed to the use and weather conditions for years. Artificial turf products with bits long, as the Royal Grass Exclusive and Royal Grass Parc, recreation require a filler material.

For this, Royal Grass only uses natural materials and organic. Royal Grass is spread by two types of sand. The sand selected meets specific quality standards, to avoid any damage to the artificial grass fibers and preventing permeability. The functional value of the sand is to increase the weight of the artificial grass carpet, and shut and keep straight the artificial turf fibers. The sand, soil color is applied at the end to enhance the natural appearance.

If you choose Royal Grass, opt for absolute quality. But what brings the absolute quality without a professional installation? Nothing! The installation of artificial turf requires work as always. Our distributors have the training, tools and experience to perform professionally and quickly. This guarantees the best results and offers the possibility to enjoy for years of a perfectly installed green carpet. To install Royal Grass in your garden you can go to a dealer near you.

Knowledge and professionalism of the distributor of Royal Grass

Your garden, balcony or roof is unique, which means you can expect from our distributors as a work made 100% by installing artificial turf. The gardener will install Royal Grass barely together, using special glue and tape joints.

Also ensure that the foundation is stable, flat and drained. If you have a balcony or rooftop use special drainage mats.

See and feel the Royal Grass

In our distributors can see and touch our types of artificial turf. Also happy to answer all your questions about our artificial grass and will advise on the implementation of it in your garden, balcony or terrace. Royal Grass is also participating in fairs and gardening shows.


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